You need professional activity management tools

Data visualization, promotion and diversification, ticket checking specialization, and more exclusive functions help you with your activities

Detailed Functional Comparison

Bacic Services

Ordinary Version
Ehanced Version
Professional Version
Create and publish event
Online payment: Alipay, WeChat payment, Internet banking and Paypal
Time-limited ticket-grabbing settings
QR code electronic ticket
Attendees check-in of HDX Check-in APP

Organiser Host Station

(Getting fans and potential users)

App Reminder is about event to start

(Increase the attendance rate of events)

Organizer logo

(Improving the brand value of the organizers)

Silver medal Organizer

Gold medal Organizer

Event Authorizes Other Users

(Implementing multi-user collaborative management events)

Support for adding 5 subaccounts

Support for adding 10 subaccounts

Event registration page switch template

(coming soon)

coming soon

coming soon


Ordinary Version
Ehanced Version
Professional Version
Discount Code
Email Invitation

OR Code for Event Registration

(Including mini programs)

Iframe embedded ticket sales

Remove the recommended position

One button notification

Automatic ticketing

(External data import and export tickets)

Group Sending Recommendations

(Marketing Short Message & Mail, sending fee calculated additionally)

Membership management

Event list refresh

(only support open event)

5 times/day

10 times/day

Event set on top

(only support open event)

24 times(2 times/month)

48 times(4 times/month)

Channel Code

(support sub channel promotion)

Distribution Management 1

(Supporting distribution channel management, data viewing)


(Supporting distribution channel management, data viewing)

Event Data

Ordinary Version
Ehanced Version
Professional Version
Registration data check
Check-in data
data export
Channel Data Analysis

Customer Service

Ordinary Version
Ehanced Version
Professional Version
Ticket Cash withdrawal

*Applicants from 1st to 15th of each month

Payment on the 25th of the same month

*Applicants from 16th to 30th of each month

Payment on the 10th of the following month

Payment for 7 working days after application

Payment for 7 working days after application

Docking of High Quality Event Resources

(venues, event planning, customized posters, etc)

Exclusive Account Manager



260+ home cooperation media

Channel real-time monitoring

Dozens of large-scale events every year

View promotional channel data in real time

In-depth analysis of channel value

Visualize event promotion data


3000+ home authorization point

Efficient management of individual authorization point activities

3000+ authorized points per year, hundreds of thousands of events held

Efficient management of each authorization point

Supervise the quality of service at each authorized point

One-stop access to each authorized point


Million sales box office

Distribution agency management

Million-level sales box office every year

Multi-channel multi-agent assistance distribution

Data management and service

Make ticket distribution easier

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Want to customize the exclusive event page? Invitation letters and e-tickets can be specially customized!

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